Our Vision

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

I pray for the peace of Jerusalem as Your Word tells us to. May there be peace within her walls and security within her palaces. Your Word says that You will defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Your Word declares that You will remember Your covenant for her. May Jerusalem know that You are their God and Yeshua as Your Son. May Yeshua be known and accepted by Your people.

(Psalm 122: 6-8; Zechariah 12: 1-10; Ezekiel 16: 59-63)

Pray for the Rabbinical Schools

I pray for those who study Your Word, may they faithfully consider Your prophetic Word in Daniel. May their spiritual eyes be opened to understand Your truth and may they teach with the wisdom of God and not the wisdom of man. May Your knowledge increase within their schools and may they be open to receive Your truth. May they know Your Son and teach with boldness to Your people.

(Matthew 24:15; Daniel 11:32-35, 12:1-4, 10)

Pray for the Messianic Congregation

Your Word declares that You will pour out Your Spirit on all flesh and that deliverance comes from Mt. Zion and in the remnant whom the Lord will call. I pray that theses congregations will be a people who say “The Lord (Yeshua) is My Shepherd” with boldness and love. May the House of Israel continually know that God made Him Lord and Messiah. Your Word declares that “the children of Israel will return and seek the Lord their God”, continue to add to Your congregations oh Lord. Protect these congregations that the light of Your Son will shine brightly through them.

(Joel 3:15; Zechariah 13:9; Hosea 3: 4-5; Acts 2:36, 39)

Pray for the Holocaust Communities

Your Word declares that there is now no Jew or Greek and that everyone who calls upon the Lord will be saved. Your Word says that 1/3 of the land of Israel will be brought through the fire and refined as silver and tried as gold and they will call upon You. You said in Your Word that no one comes to Yeshua unless the Father draws them. I pray that these communities will have their eyes and ears open to hear and see the drawing of the Father to Yeshua. I pray that once again these people will know You as their God and they will return to You and will be Your people and through this, all the nations will know that I Am is the Lord and You will sanctify Israel when Your sanctuary is in their midst. May they turn to God with all their hearts, for You, Abba, are gracious and compassionate. May you know, communities, that God is in your midst and that Yeshua is the Lord your God and you will not be ashamed.

(Romans 10:12-13; John 6:44; Ezekiel 37: 1-28; Joel 2:12-13, 21, 27; Zechariah 13:8)