Marcus and Janette Triplett

MJTMy journey began back in 2000 when my husband, Marcus Triplett arranged for us to take a tour to Israel. I was not excited at all to go to Israel; this was during the time of the suicide bombings and a lot of terrorist attacks. We went in November of 2000 and I fell in love with the land. I never dreamed it would have had this effect on me. The Bible came alive to me. I no longer read the scriptures as just letters on a page of a book that I believed in. Now I could actually see them taking place. I realized I had imagined the events that took place in the Bible through my American culture and not in a Middle Eastern culture, now things that were difficult to understand in the Word were easier to visualize.

Our tour guide took us to a kibbutz (Jewish Settlement), where we were actually got to meet and spend time with the people of the land. I got really frustrated with this. “I came to Israel to see where Bible History took place not to see modern Israel and the modern day people.” I wanted to see the land Abraham saw, where David fought Goliath, where Jesus was crucified and the Garden Tomb. I remember in my devotional time one morning of our first tour to Israel, Holy Spirit convicted me. He said, “How can you love My people if all you think about them is the people of the Bible, these are still My people.” That really hit me hard! God still loves Israel and the Jewish people. I realized, if I was going to pray for Israel the way that God wanted me to pray, I needed to have a love for this people group. I could no longer pray for Israel just because the scriptures told me to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I wanted to pray for them because they are still at the center of Gods’ heart.

You see, going to Israel changed my perspective! I realized that God could have chosen any people group He wanted to make known to the world who He is, and in that choosing He chose Israel. God doesn’t make mistakes; they are still His Chosen People. His choosing of them didn’t end in the Old Testament, they are still His chosen people and Israel is still His nation.

Come to Israel and let God show you His heart for the land and His people!

In May of 2014, my father, Delmer Guynes contacted my husband and me to ask us if we might be interested in helping with the responsibilities of Jerusalem Prayer Watch. By May of 2015 much of the daily ongoing ministry responsibilities had been assumed by Marcus and myself.

Our Burden for Jerusalem Prayer Watch:
Our burden is to awaken the church to a more strategic form of praying for Israel and the Jewish people. We are hoping to be able to start “Mobilizing the church to pray for Israel”.

We have strategically pin pointed the Rabbinical schools, the Messianic Congregations, and the Holocaust Communities as the center of our prayer focus.

According to Paul McGuire about 70 percent of evangelical churches in America teach that God is finished with Israel and the Jews. But this is not what we or the Assemblies of God believe. While America as a nation seems to be pulling away from supporting Israel, we, the church must rise up to pray for Israel as never before!

The Word says that “all nations will rise up against Israel”. This is a time where the believing church has to pray for Israel. As believers we should understand and utilize the power of prayer and intercession.

For Israel, this is a time of prophecy being fulfilled! The fullness of the Gentiles is coming to an end and the partial hardening of the Jews is diminishing. I believe out of this will be the foundation and building of the “one new man”, that the Word of God talks about.

We as the church cannot miss our moment!

Just as Esther took a stand to save her people from extinction, so the church has been called to stand “for such a time as this” for Israel and the Jewish people! (Esther 4:14)

We must earnestly and fervently pray for the peace of Jerusalem! We must also bless Israel with our words and actions as they are expressed with a deep love for Gods’ people.

We are asking individuals, small groups and churches to pray with us corporately.

  • We are trying to rise up Individuals and Prayer Groups that will join together and pray with us in a concerted and corporate way.
  • We are hoping to recruit Churches and their Intercessory Prayer Teams that will join together and pray with us in a concerted and corporate way.
  • We are arranging for individuals and churches to make a “Prayer Journey” to the prayer room located on the SAGU campus in Waxahachie, Texas, for a day of prayer, with D.R. Guynes and the Jerusalem Prayer Watch Intercessors.
  • We are scheduling “Prayer Journeys” to Israel so that we can pray in strategic locations, pray with government leaders, pray with the military personnel, pray with Rabbinical leaders, pray in the various Jewish settlements (Kibbutz), pray with the Messianic Congregations and with the Jewish people themselves.

Our Missions is to mobilize the church to pray for Israel and the Jewish people.
Our goal is to raise up an informed People of Prayer for Israel and the Jewish people.


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